What's a Nice Girl Like You Doing on a Glacier Like This?
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 Cheryl's story of hiking in the Colorado mountains, a terrifying 150-foot slide down a glacier and a near-fatal crash into the rocks below, reads like fiction, but it's true.

After losing her balance at the top of the icy slope,

            "There was nothing between me and the menacing rocks below. If Doug                                                 couldn’t stop me, I was as good as dead."

 On the long road to recovery, Cheryl had months to put the experience into perspective.  Her fierce determination surfaced as she defied  the doctor's prognosis:  that her severe injuries would prevent her from walking normally ever again. 

Along the way were many epiphanies. Cheryl learned a forgiveness practice that quenched the raging fire of her anger. This transformed her experience as she struggled to understand how her boyfriend -- an experienced mountain climber -- could have encouraged her -- a novice mountain climber -- to take such a treacherous hike.  Now she looks forward to more adventures as she shares her story to help transform others. 

 Cheryl's Book Launch!
Seven years in the making,

My book “Girlfriend on the Rocks” will be available on Tuesday, Oct 21 to read and give as gift.

This is the true story of my life-threatening fall down a glacier, the dramatic rescue, and my miraculous recovery.

Will you please help me make it an Amazon Best Seller?

It’s simple. Here’s how:

  1. Just set your phone or calendar for Tuesday, Oct 21 from 12:30 - 1:30pm (PST) on your Tuesday lunch break or 3:30 - 4:30 (EST) after school to order my book on Amazon.com.
  2. When that time arrives, come back here or check your email for the exact Amazon link to follow to make your purchase.
  3. In the mean time spread the word to all the people who you know would enjoy this compelling and inspiring read.

Thanks for your loving support!

Cheryl Berry.

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